Centre of Sociological Theory (CST)

The Centre for Sociological Theory (CST) at Kiel University is dedicated to the research in and teaching of paradigmatic and historical accounts of sociological theories. The Centre emphasizes relational and processual theories, with a systematic focus on Poststructuralism, New Materialism, Neovitalism, Governmentality Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS).


Current research projects centre around the sociological analysis of processes of digital transformation. Different subprojects are dedicated to the analyses of digital phenomena of algorithmic sociality, algorithmic governmentality, and algorithmic automation in a variety of social spheres research projects.


The CST is responsible for developing and conducting a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on sociological theories. The CST regularly offers courses in sociological theory, philosophy of science, theories of sociological knowledge, and theory construction/theorizing in social sciences. Furthermore, in line with the expertise of its current researchers, the CST contributes to courses in the Special Sociology Module, such as Digital Sociology and Cybernetic Planning.

Further Contributions

In addition, the CST contributes to two podcasts (“Der Streit” and “Future Histories”) Podcasts featuring new sociological publications and expert interviews in CST research fields.